All You Should Know about Free Spins from Microgaming

We’ve gathered all the freshest and the most valuable information concerning Microgaming free spins, including the places and ways to receive them, types of extra rounds depending on deposit conditions, the possible playthrough requirements and other peculiarities as well. You won’t need ever again to wander searching for answers to your gambling questions: we’ve covered everything related to bonus rolls on spinning machines. Read more to see for yourself!

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What Are Bonus Turns?

In short, extra turns are a particular bonus on slot machines that consists of additional rounds that do not require any additional betting to be played. This pleasant reward is often much more valuable than regular rolls, as the amount of special symbols on the reels is usually larger and significant multipliers may be present too. Look at the peculiarities of Microgaming free spins by

Microgaming free spins guide

Countries Regulations

An essential thing to take into consideration when joining an online staking house is the possible restriction concerning your country of residence. Some casinos limit the granting of bonuses to players living in high-risk regions (such as most of Africa, Southern America, and the post-Soviet region) because statistically, these places have a much bigger incidence of fraudulent banking operations. In order to protect the funds of legitimate users, gaming platforms strictly regulate all transactions coming from the abovementioned areas.

It is recommended to read carefully the policy of your betting room to check if you’re qualified to earn the extra turns offered. Also, it’s crucial to learn your local laws on gambling, such as the minimum age necessary for such activities.

What You Should Do to Get the Gift?

If no regional limitations are present, the procedure of claiming your extra turns is quite easy, never taking much time or efforts from you. Here’s a brief outline of the process that you need to go through.

How to Find And Use the Offer?

You can earn extra rounds by sticking to any of the numerous different ways available. For example, you can check the list of current offers on the website of your betting provider to see if it has welcome bonus programs, as many staking rooms provide around 20 free spins for newly registered members. After signing up, you’ll receive your gift either automatically on the following day or by contacting the customer support team. Alternative ways of getting additional turns may include downloading apps or partaking in social events.

Instructions of how to play Microgaming free spins

Winnings Claiming Procedure

After you win some money through your extra turns, we recommend you to get familiar with the Terms and Conditions of your staking house thoroughly, as there may be limitations concerning maximum withdrawal sum and time allotted for the cashing out.

Types of Microgaming Free Spins

Extra rounds come in many forms and are related to different conditions, so it’s essential to know about the ways you could get yourself a bonus pack and what to expect from a particular kind of free spins.

By Investing Conditions

First of all, different amounts of extra turns are presented as an incentive for certain actions performed on the gambling platform. Sometimes they involve adding funds to your balance (reload reward), while in other cases, they don’t require any investments from your side (no deposit bonus).

No Deposit Award

It is also possible to find alternative extra spins, no deposit required. Actions that can bring you such bonuses include registering in a betting room with a welcome policy, taking part in tournaments and social events, downloading mobile apps, answering quizzes on the provider’s website or social media accounts, earning achievements and completing in-platform assignments.

Ways to get and play Microgaming free spins

Prize After Contribution

This type of free spins requires you to send some money to your account first. After that, your online casino will grant you the reward according to any special offers active at the time being. Such a prize is called a “deposit bonus”.

As A “Piece of Pie”

The amount of extra rounds you’ll get may vary greatly with the size of your deposit. For example, it can be a weekly bonus depending on the total sum you’ve sent into your account throughout the last seven days, or a match reward mirroring your contribution (e.g. $50 may give you 50 free spins).

By Special Features

Extra rounds can also be divided into several types by their peculiar features and other interesting items. These can have a colossal impact on your winnings, so learn what’s at stake beforehand.

Rolls with Higher Value

Also, known as Super Spins, these bonus rounds have a significantly higher base value, thus increasing manifold your potential prizes. Thanks to this special feature, you’ll be qualified to win massive rewards even after gathering the smallest combination on the reels, so it’s not a surprise that these types or rolls are becoming wildly popular lately.

It is another and more widespread name of the bonus. The offer’s highlight is the value. Such Rounds cost higher than just Free Spins. Besides, the special feature promises you bigger earnings. Let’s get an example and simple math to see the profit. May the regular Free Round costs 10 cents only, when Super one’s value can be 10x and reach $1 at the same time.

Herewith, if you collect a winning combo of symbols with the smallest payout, but you use Super Spins, don’t upset, because your reward will be massive anyway. That’s why such a bonus promotion has got the extreme popularity recently.

All you should know about Microgaming free spins

Coupon Codes Existence

Certain betting rooms opt to give out free spins when players activate a special bonus code. Such coupons can appear in a large variety of places, including partnering websites, social media pages, and any other instances too, so stay alerted! You never know beforehand when you’ll stumble across a pretty chance for a set of extra rounds on your favorite slots title.

Freeplay Modes and Trophy Rounds

Many slots have a demo mode for you to play before engaging in the real action. By doing so, you’ll be able to learn the inner mechanics of your machine, its incidence of prizes and winning combinations, and fine-tune your strategy for a better result.

This can have a huge impact later because players can earn a pack of extra rounds by gathering a certain combination of icons on the reels, specified in the title’s paytable. During your additional turns, you’ll often be able to win further bonuses, and this chain can be virtually endless when on a lucky streak. Just imagine a fabulous journey of 100 free spins!

Real Spins

There is one more type of bonus called Real Spins. It’s unique and pretty rare offer to grab. So, what is that? Essentially, it’s a regular Free Spins promotion, but without the wagering requirement applied.

As a rule or in 99% of the cases, the online gambling houses ask players to win back the earnings gained by means of the extra spins by 20 or even 100 times prior any withdrawals. In this instance, you’re free to cash-out prizes immediately.

By Wagering Requirements

Depending on the Bonus Policy of your gambling platform, casino free spins can have certain playthrough requirements that you’ll need to meet before finally enjoying your money.

Rules for using Microgaming bonus turns

Regular Conditions

If your extra turns are subjected to wagering requirements, you’ll need to bet your rewards a specific minimum amount of times depending on the rules of your online casino. Usually, the playthrough condition for most free spins may be around 30-60x the money you manage to gain originally. For example, if your additional rounds bring you $100, you’ll have to stake at least $3000 to cash out both the initial hundred of bucks and any other funds you grab in the following process.

Without Playthrough

Extra rounds without any wagering requirements are a trend that’s consistently gaining popularity among Microgaming betting houses throughout the last years. Such bonuses bring you exactly what the name of their type suggests: money without any restrictions. You’ll be allowed to cash out your rewards as soon as you strike them, zero questions asked.

By Variance Types

Choosing a game for a day, you’d pay attention that there are low and high variance slots.

Low Variance Free Spins

These ones are featured with regular symbols, wilds, scatters, bonus rounds and option to activate a certain number of paylines. The exciting play is guaranteed by the frequent win combinations and bonus games regularly triggered.

Even so, the prizes are not large and your bankroll is maintained and, sometimes, slowly depleted. However, smaller bets and common wins of 5x-10x the bet value make such slots be not so risky.

High Variance Free Spins

High variance slots are much riskier than the previous ones. This kind of slot machines provides you with different and moneymaking features too, but with a small difference. Besides regular Free Spins and Bonus Games, here you can get impressive wild multipliers, stacked symbols and even wilds as well that promise higher payouts.

The winning combinations and features are not so frequent, but the catch can be really big. Anyway, you’d keep in mind that here you can drain your purse pretty quickly. Herewith, play it cool.