Privacy & Cookie Policy

The current document includes the information about Microgaming Spinner site, explains our visitors what kind of data we require from you, how we gather and keep it. Here, you can also find out how exactly we provide your security and privacy, to which parties we can disclose the intelligence, and more.

Herewith, note that the points of the articles, as well as the crucial rules, can be altered or modified at any moment, according to our ideas and views. The update of Privacy and Cookie Policy won’t include any notification, that is why, each customer of ours is responsible to watch out for new items and conditions on their own.

Privacy We Assure

Microgaming Spinner is a blog dedicated to the most alluring bonus of the legendary Microgaming software – free spins. We provide a wide range of articles, including the reviews about casinos, games, and more informative issues. And being an open website, we do not require anyone to create their personal account and share their information.

Anyway, once getting any information about you, we assure that it will be totally protected from any kind of damage or misuse. However, we are not capable to prevent the disclosure of the intelligence by third bodies thru the Internet. We recommend you to create a really strong password with letters and numbers, not to tell anyone the details, and keep them in secret.

Your Data Storage

Microgaming Spinner site does not keep the information for longer than it is needed. We store the data within your participation, and for a while after your passive usage of the profile. Once you unsubscribe from our newsletters, your email address will be instantly deleted from the list.


We use Cookies. As soon as you enter the website, we send a pop-up window informing about the activated cookies. By continuing to use the service of Microgaming Spinner, you accept the conditions and agree to obey the rules. These are small pieces of data, which we collect within your browsing and store on your device.

The harvested information includes your location, IP address, the used browser and its version, device, and more. With our tracking technologies we analyze the open tabs, how much time you spend on each page, and more. With the intelligence examined, we can form a better content with more personalized articles.

Our Aim

The whole idea of Cookies is the content improvement. Starting from the chosen language, location, and up to the topics viewed, we realize which points you are interested in. Entering the site, we can recognize you and provide the saved username and password for a faster access to the account. Also, we know which surveys to write in order to satisfy our customers.

International Transmit

As we have already noticed, Microgaming Spinner site does not share your personal information, keeping it safe and secure. However, the data can be revealed once we get a request from an external legal agent outside the EU.

We also assure that each regulatory body and request are examined before any piece of intelligence is disclosed. Once having questions, please, contact our customer support any time.

Cookies Deactivation

As you visit our blog, the option gets activated automatically. You get a notification about the enabled Cookies and a short description why we need this. Including the points about extended experience and personalized content, we also provide a link to the document and a button for your acceptance.

However, having the opposite ideas, you can disable the function in the browser Settings. Moreover, you can easily delete the info collected for the last hour, or for the entire usage period.