Options of Getting Free Spins from Microgaming

Online casinos often grant free spins as a welcome gift for new players (this is called a “no-deposit” reward) or after successfully adding money to your balance (reload prizes). But, in case you didn’t know, these are not the only methods to set your hands on extra rolls. In the article below, we’ll limelight a number of alternative offers to make Microgaming free spins.

Small Steps to Winning Bonus Turns

Some of the ways to win free spins that not everyone knows about include such options as fulfilling in-platform assignments and achievements, partaking in a promotion, installing an app on your smartphone, enjoying specific gambling titles, and even engaging in social interaction on the internet.

Options to get free spins from Microgaming

By Means of Facebook & Twitter

Surprisingly, the most convenient ways to earn a pack of free spins is hardly related to a practical gambling. Instead, online casinos can ask you to answer a quick poll on their social media sources (like Facebook or Twitter). If you pick the right choice, the betting room will grant you a promo that you could enjoy on their slots.

By Loyalty Points

Many casinos have built-in loyalty programs that reflect and reward the devotion of each player to the platform. This is made in a form of points which can be earned by playing a certain number of games, earning achievements, taking part in tournaments, or meeting other requirements, depending on the terms of your betting room. When you accumulate enough balance in this bonus system, you can exchange it for free spins or other benefits.

Get Microgaming free spins by doing easy tasks

By Exchanging Microgaming Casino Currency on Extra Rounds

Custom currencies are a trend that’s gaining popularity among online betting rooms throughout the last years. Essentially, this principle is corresponding to the loyalty program, with the main difference being that inner currency is issued much more freely.

Thence, you cannot be a veteran of a specific casino to earn enough balance and exchange it for extra spins. Just be active,  take part in the community activities, try out different titles, and enjoy your gambling experience – the bonuses are on their way.

Touted Promotions

When Microgaming airs a new title, you can be sure to find several related promotions coming around too. For example, you can receive free spins for trying out these new slots, installing the app on your smartphone, inviting friends to join the fun, or fulfilling in-game assignments. Always keep track of your casino’s calendar of events to never miss a chance of earning bonuses.

Get Microgaming free spins in alternative way

Inter Games Rewards

Online casinos often support interaction between different games in their assortment, as this is an excellent way to keep the player engaged and excited. For example, if you’re a lover of blackjack, you can win bonuses by gathering a hand of specific cards.

Let’s say, if you manage to collect two kings and queens a certain number of times, the staking house will reward your skills with a set of extra spins. This opportunity is great for trying out new titles, not just hang endlessly on the routine playing experience.