Microgaming Free Spins Requiring Conditions

Although free spins are exactly what the name implies, you cannot withdraw your cash until you meet the conditions established by your staking house. This approach might look strange at first glance but is essential for the company to avoid a baseless giveaway of its funds to anyone out there.

Where to Find Claiming Terms?

How to claim free spins in Microgaming casinos? Every online casino lists its claiming rules either in the Terms and Conditions or the Bonus Policy section of their official website. The information provided there is always highly detailed and easily understandable so that anyone can be aware of what he or she may need to do before withdrawing prizes that were earned through the received free spins or similar rewards. Below you’ll find a brief review of some standard claiming rules.

Steps to claim your Microgaming free spins

Play Through First, Withdraw After

Wagering requirements are a universal policy throughout the majority of Microgaming casinos. To meet them, you’ll have to bet a certain amount of money that depends on your bonus (usually around 30-60 times your prize) before trying to withdraw the earnings related.

We’ll describe a real example, so you can better understand the principle itself. Let’s say, imagine that you’ve received 100 free spins and won a total of $75 thanks to them. If so, the staking house might require you to play through $2,250 total (75 x 30) prior to giving you the cash you’ve gained.

Time Frames

Another common practice in online casinos is to implement specific time periods during which you’ll have to fulfill the claiming conditions and withdraw the funds earned. To learn the details, you should check the official policy of your staking house. Usually, the player has up to 30 days to retrieve the finances he or she managed to win.

Winnings Amount Limits

Every betting room establishes a limit to withdrawing money gained from free funds: usually about 100-200 Euros. In other cases, your allowed maximum will depend on the size of bonuses you received, for example, it might be twice or thrice the sum. All finances superior to that will be excluded from your balance. Also, remember that the majority of casinos do not issue progressive jackpots won after a reward spin.

Claiming terms in Microgaming free spins

Free Spins Fair Play in Microgaming Casinos

In short, fair play equals gambling with the conscious intent of risking your funds. Any other approach is considered as irregular, which is subjected to penalties. Here is a list of some actions that a casino may deem suspicious:

  • Sending funds to your account, then drastically changing your pattern to meet the wagering requirements;
  • Following a certain betting system;
  • Wagering on a currency, then switching it to a more profitable one before your award arrives;
  • Significantly dropping the size of your bet after a substantial winning.

If a staking house decides that your behavior can be perceived as irregular play, the most usual reactions include confiscation of all bonuses and related money from your balance or even the permanent closing of your account. While this may sound harsh, it’s easy to avoid such situations: just don’t forget that you gamble for the thrill, not for the free prizes.