Advantages of Microgaming Free Spins in Prize Games

Contrary to the prevailing opinion, free rounds are not just a pleasant way to kill time between your main betting sessions; they can also be highly lucrative and thrilling to spin.

Full of different bonuses, multipliers, and special symbols to diversify your gambling, extra rolls can be your ticket to generous sums without wasting a single dollar for that. How to play Microgaming free spins in bonus rounds? In this article we’ll tell you about some peculiar things related to Microgaming turns so you can better profit from them.

Microgaming free spins during a game

How to Win Bonus Rounds?

Online betting rooms often grant bonus rolls as a reward for completing in-platform assignments, gaining achievements, or just keeping a progressive attitude in general. But if you want to earn your free rounds in the middle of your gaming course, open up the paytable of your slots title and learn the combos you need to gather. After that, just turn the reels and wait for your prize.

Collecting Special Symbols

Usually, you’ll earn free rolls after hitting a certain set of symbols defined in the paytable of your slots. This combination may amount to a minimal number of scatters, which are activated regardless of their placement on the reels, or it may be a peculiar sequence of tokens you’ll need to find. Different conditions for receiving extra spins have distinct chances of being gathered, and the possible rewards are likewise.

Free Spins Peculiarities from Microgaming

But gambling creators would not be so successful if all their bonuses looked and felt just the same. Creativity is the key to such matters, and companies regularly come up with innovations to keep you excited. An example of that is whole free spin games like Avalon 2 from Microgaming, which have several levels you can savor by hitting lucky combinations.

Rules for Playing

Naturally, extra rolls have some terms and rules related to them. For example, although they are called “free,” you can actually place extra bets while spinning the reels and such an action can be tremendously lucrative for you, as bonus turns often have a great amount of multipliers that affect both individual rounds and even series of them. Altogether, this can increase your potential reward by tens (sometimes hundreds) of times, and that’s a chance not to be wasted!

Bonus rounds of free spins from Microgaming

Chances to Trigger New Turns

What’s even better about free spins is that you often have the possibility to trigger new sets of bonuses with every turn of the reels. To do that, you need to be lucky enough to gather a combination of specific symbols specified in your paytable. Virtually, your chain of extra rounds can be nearly limitless if all goes well.

How Can I Get My Winnings?

If the joy of free spinning is over and you’ve even managed to hit some money in the process, withdrawing it won’t take any extra efforts. The credits you earn are automatically transferred to your balance, ready for cashing out as soon as you decide to.