Free Spins of Different Kinds from Microgaming

A trend of increasing diversity is gaining momentum throughout Microgaming casinos, which is understandable. The competition in the modern gambling paradigm is huge, and the potential profits are proportional, so betting rooms strive to bring exciting innovations to their customers on a regular basis. Free spins were not left aside, and many related fun modifications were implemented into online staking platforms: custom exchange currencies, no wagering requirements, and high-value rolls, for example.

Classic Bonus Turns

Among the trends in Microgaming free spins, the most well-known is a traditional welcome gift for newly registered players is a pack of free spins. They are usually subjected to wagering requirements, which means that you’ll have to bet a certain amount of times (from 30 to 60 in most cases) the sum of money you manage to grab by using your bonus. For example, if you win $10 through all your reward rolls, the casino might ask you to wager $300 total before letting you withdraw your winnings.

Latest trends in Microgaming free spins

Such an approach is wise for the betting room, as it allows verifying that the new client is a dedicated one, not just a random visitor aiming to pick up some easy bucks and vanish into thin air. Nevertheless, this concept often intimidated users who perceived it as too harsh, so staking houses decided to soften up a bit.

Growing Popularity of No Wagering

It is safe to say that the abandonment of the wagering requirements policy is gradually becoming rather popular among Microgaming casinos. This tendency is great for you, the player, as you won’t have to bet your winnings over and over again just to withdraw them afterward. With this type of free spins, as soon as you strike a successful combination, the money will be yours to take.

Modern Free Spins Directions from Microgaming

But spins without wagering do not surprise the general public anymore, so online casinos are going even further to keep their clients thrilled and willing to keep playing. Among the latest inventions are custom exchange currencies and the mighty super rolls. Most likely, these bonuses will be still gaining popularity among gambling providers in the years to come, so it’s good to know what you can expect from them.

Casino’s Own Currency

Another trend in Microgaming casinos is custom exchange currencies. Staking houses issue this special form of money to players for their activeness and loyalty or as a reward for the successful completion of in-platform quests and missions. Gathered points can later be exchanged for free spins without wagering requirements, and other bonuses depending on the terms of the provider.

New features of free spins from Microgaming

Super Rolls

It is only natural for bonuses to develop and evolve over time, and these rolls are a bright example of that. They are the “next level” of free spins: much more valuable and exciting to play. In some cases, they are full of different wild symbols and multipliers, while other ones may have a better payout table.

An important thing to remember is that super turns may be subjected to wagering requirements just the same way that regular ones are. To know exactly what to expect, be sure always to check the rules of your staking house.