Rules of Playing Free Spins from Microgaming

Free spins are an all-time favorite bonus in online slots, yet using them isn’t as easy as it may seem. Microgaming casinos implemented specific restrictions and requirements to ensure a fair gambling experience for everyone, so you’re bound to follow them strictly to activate your prize.

Although the set of requirements of one staking house may be different from the regulations of another casino, they are usually similar to a great extent. If you learn what they are, you’ll audaciously use your bonuses regardless of the betting room you’re playing at!

5 Restrictions You Must Know

How to get Microgaming free spins? You must meet five main requirements to use your gratis rolls. They are quite easy to remember and almost universal in the gambling world: legal age, registration details, date of expiration of your bonus, one-time welcoming rewards, and prizes at multiple casinos.

How to get Microgaming free spins

Make Sure You Are 18 Years Old

You are officially allowed to bet at online staking houses only if you are of the legal age of majority in your country (which amounts to 18 years in most of the cases). This principle comes naturally, as underage gambling is a problem hard to eradicate: casinos implement verification procedures to minimize the chance of a minor ever to use their services. So, in case you are not able to prove your right to, you are not qualified to receive such bonuses as free spins.

You Should Be A Registered Visitor

In times now past, users could receive and use their rewards just by creating accounts with minimal information, such as a nickname, email address, and password. Nowadays, things are much more complicated than that, as the gambling industry itself has become strictly controlled.

To be eligible for receiving such prizes as free spins, you’ll be asked to submit all the information required by your staking house, often including such data as your phone number, billing address, and financial details. This approach is necessary, among other things, to confirm your identity and check if you’ve reached the legal age to play at online betting rooms.

Using Microgaming Free Turns on Certain Dates

When you receive your prize of free spins, an expiration timer will start ticking, so it is crucial not to forget about this bonus. The time allotted may differ depending on which casino you’re playing at, but usually, it amounts to a week or two. Don’t get lost in the staking excitement and use up your rolls while you can!

Rules for getting Microgaming free spins

One Offer from One Gambling House

Modern casinos often issue free spins as a welcoming reward for newly registered users, but this is a one-time offer. Therefore, when you receive your complimentary prize after registering, remember that you won’t get another one in the future, even if the staking house changes its policy towards new players.

This principle is hard to workaround, as online gambling rooms often track your IP address and personal data to prevent clients of creating multiple accounts for the sole purpose of enjoying bonus rolls. However, you’ll be still eligible to partake in other promotions and giveaways.

Multiple Casino Accounts Possibility

In fact, there’s a way to get numerous sets of free spins as a welcome gift, but you’ll need to register at different Microgaming casinos if you want that. Although staking houses are rather meticulous in avoiding duplicate users, nothing stops you from just jumping aboard another betting room and getting your bonus from them!