Microgaming Bonus Spins for VIP Clients

Many Microgaming casinos have developed loyalty programs to reward those players that have shown real devotion to the platform. By taking part in these bonus systems, you can earn different rewards on a diverse set of occasions, and the longer you play, the bigger your gifts will be.

Check If Casino Has VIP Programs

Although always pleasant, Microgaming free spins as a loyalty bonus can have different terms and rewards from one casino to another. For example, in some cases, you’ll be taking part in the promo system starting from the very day of your initial registration, while other staking houses will expect you to stay around for a certain time.

Schedule’s time can amount to some weeks, months or even a year. The number of beneficial levels in the scheme may also differ, as well as the steps required to move on to the next status in the ladder, so be sure to verify the official rules.

Microgaming free spins in loyalty program

Benefits from Moving to the Next Status

As you go up the loyalty system, the basic thing that will change with your leveling up is the amount and periodicity of your bonuses. Sometimes the difference can be drastic. For example, the number of extra spins you’ll be granted can skyrocket from mere 25 to 200.

Anniversary Prize

We all like to commemorate, so why not do it regarding your experience with the casino? Some betting rooms give out big presents for those gamblers who keep around for a significant time—a year, for example, or even longer than that.

Microgaming Bonus Turns on Birthday

A key aim of any successful business is to form a bond with its customers, and a way of doing that is by celebrating together. Online Microgaming casinos often have a tradition to surprise their users with birthday gifts: sets of free rolls, unique promotions, and exclusive tournament tickets.

VIP free spins from Microgaming

Special Days Awards

Periodically, members of the casino’s loyalty program can enjoy bonuses like extra turns that are not exactly related to big holidays or time periods. It may be something as common as a weekend afternoon—with Free Play Sunday you won’t need to wait up till your next birthday to get some rewards.

Change Points on Rounds Out of Charge

Another great thing that you can do with your loyalty points is to exchange them for the bonuses of your choice like no wagering free rounds. For instance, you could get ten extra spins for as much as 200 points. The rate on which is done differs significantly among online casinos, but this option remains a fabulous opportunity to earn some cash out of the blue.